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Contact us for the finest, tailored equipment on the market today! Our 30,000 square foot engineering facility is conveniently located near Louisville International Airport with the space and ability to create custom-built equipment to spec.

Utility Maintenance Stands

Utility Maintenance Stands

Utility lifts for performing all aircraft maintenance and repair functions. Designed with ease-of-use and safety as main focus points during the engineering process, UMS lifts allow employees to become more efficient while providing a safer work environment which ultimately saves the company money. These expertly designed stands eliminate the need for ladders and scissor lifts that were not made for aircraft maintenance. Our stands have a width of 23 inches and a working deck length of 8 feet. Our clients are finding that these stands fit better than any other piece of Ground Service Equipment (GSE) available on the market today.

UMS stands can carry up to 800lbs and raise to two heights:

  • UMS-9 raises to 9ft
  • UMS-12 raises to 12ft

Can be customized with air, power, and lighting options as needed.


Utility Maintenance Stands

Engine Maintenance Stands

Expertly designed lifts that allow technicians to become more efficient and effective in completing engine maintenance and repair functions. These stands also provide a safer and more secure work environment which ultimately saves the company money.

EMS can carry up to 800lbs and available in two height options:

  • EMS-9 raises to a maximum height of 9ft
  • EMS-12 raises to a maximum height of 12ft

All hanger models come equipped with a towbar and stands can be customized with air, power, and lighting options as needed.

Wing Maintenance & Fall Protection

Wing Maintenance Stands / Fall Protection Stands

Dual platform that easily converts between a Wing Maintenance and Fall Protection Stand.

  • We can customize to fit any aircraft according to your fleet requirements
  • Each stand offers: electrical outlets, safety handrails, tow-bar, skydrol resistant paint, locking casters, sectional climbing ladders, and movable stairway at end section
  • Air / hydraulic lowering and raising capabilities
  • Available in steel or aluminum construction or a combination of both


Utility Maintenance Stands Entrance Stairs

Standard features include:

  • Aluminum construction
  • Non-slip steps and platform decking
  • Heavy duty locking casters


Wing Maintenance & Fall Protection

Wheel Assembly Crate


  • Aluminum construction
  • Weight – Approx.: 200lbs
  • Stackable Frame Design
  • Easy Load Ramp
  • Pin Lockable

Utility Maintenance Stands Grease Stands

Fully automates the wheel bearing packing process. Technicians can efficiently pack bearings with a press of a button which reduces extensive labor hours and increases safety in the workplace by eliminating hand-packing.

  • GS1000-2: two (2) heads allowing for two different grease applications at the same time
  • GS1000-3: three (3) heads allowing for three simultaneous grease applications


Each station comes equipped with its own controls and all stands can be customized to meet specific needs. Made of durable stainless-steel construction which is easy to maintain.

Landing Gear Lift

Landing Gear Lift/Support Stand


  • Full 360° adjustment while supporting gear
  • Reduces labor hours
  • Repack struts, replace boggies, replace landing gear assembly with ease
  • Simplifies the difficult task of repacks and replacements
  • 747, 757, 767, DC8, and single axle assemblies
  • Innovative, user friendly and cost effective
  • A valuable addition to your maintenance program

Custom Stands

We build custom equipment to spec!

Please contact us for a quote on your company's very specific equipment needs.


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